One of many services that ACC/BHCC offers to our members is to provide them with security and privacy when they are making purchases.  Through popular demand from our membership, we have instituted a Coin Purchase/Want-List Form.

Use this form if you are looking to buy particular coins or items and would like quick, up-to-date competitive quotes.  This service is kind of like a Priceline.comô  for coin collectors!  Within 24 hours during regular business days, we will contact several of our member dealers with your request and they can send you their very best prices for the coins or items you want.  We recommend that you offer to bid fair market values to avoid wasting your time and the member-dealers time.   You are under no obligation to buy.  However, people who submit ridiculously low bids will not be allowed to continue to use this service in the future.  Thank you for your understanding.  


1.)  Describe the items you are interested in. 

2.) List all the information that is appropriate.  The more you can tell us, the more accurate the return quotes will be.  Therefore, list as much as possible, such as:

a.)  The date and mint-mark.

b.)  The type, design or variety.  For example, Barber, Liberty Head, Indian Head, ancient, etc.

c.)  Denomination, (such as cent, nickel, dime, silver dollar, etc.) 

d.)  Grade or condition.

e.)  The  number of each item you want, be it just one or a thousand.

f.)  As well as the minimum and maximum prices you wish to pay. 

The more you buy of a particular item, usually the cheaper it will be quoted to you at.  We will send you the name and address of Certified Professional Numismatist(s) with the lowest quotes, along with their contact information.   The first one is a sample sent in from Steve Austin of New York.

Wanted:  100 1933-S Walking Liberty Half dollars, in each of the following 3 grades (300 total) Fine to XF.  Will pay $7 for Fine, $25 for VF and $50 for XF.

Although these coins are hard to find, we were able to facilitate getting him all 300 at the prices requested, and in some cases, lower.


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