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To advertising with us, simply print and fill out the application form below and mail it to the address on the form together with a check or money order. Or if you prefer, use your own stationary, providing the information requested below.  You may also order via email.

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Beverly Hills Coin Club

9903 Santa Monica Blvd. #951

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Advertisement Rates Directory page Price Home page Price
1 month Basic rate.   $100.00   $200.00
3 months Only $80 per month. (Save $60)   $240.00   $500.00
6 months Less than $66.50 per month. (Save $201)   $399.00   $799.00
12 months  Only $40 per month. (Save $480) - That's 60% off the monthly rate! ($100 x 12 = $1,200)   $480.00   $1,000.00

The 3, 6, and 12 month contract savings rates are only applicable when payment in full is received in advance.

Otherwise, the rate is $100 per month.

I want BHcoinclub to get my banner from http://
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