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The Beverly Hills Coin Club (BHCC) was founded in 1987 and the American Coin Club (ACC) was founded in 1979 as a small local club by several wealthy investors and celebrity collectors.  These numismatist were brought together by a desire for  knowledge as well as a desire for greater privacy and security when buying and selling coins through the mails (and more recently, the internet) .    It was well known that the Dupont's and other well-known collectors had their homes broken into because their home mailing addresses had become known by many collectors and dealers who they had conducted business with.   ACC/BHCC was formed in part as an agent to provide third-party protection by representing buyers and sellers who did not want to reveal their home addresses or their celebrity status.   To that extent,  ACC/BHCC operates a monthly mail-bid auction for all of it's members for private, secure transactions that insure the buyer's and seller's confidentiality.   These services are funded by a modest 10% commission fee for all sales or consignments and a 10% buyers fee for all successful bids or purchases.  

Today, the ACC/BHCC is a numismatic educational organization that reaches out  to join collectors and investors in all 50 states and 183 different countries.  Our membership represents a very diverse group of collectors and investors interested in all aspects of numismatics, from the very wealthiest and oldest collectors, to beginners and children of all ages.  We meet twice a year, with time and location announced in our monthly publication "Rare Coin News", first published in 1978 as "Coin News" and donated to us in 1987 when it was adopted as our official publication.    

In 1999, The Beverly Hills Club also began providing certified written appraisals and certified written opinions as to the price or grade of a U.S. and foreign coins.   The Club's operating revenues come from annual dues paid by members, bequests, contributions, and gifts. All expenditures are for operating expenses such as printing, publishing, employee salaries, volunteer supervisors, and for the promotion and advancement of numismatics.

Pass and current officers of the Beverly Hills Coin Club, include:

President : Chris Aable
Vice-President: Buddy Ebsen
Secretary: Michael Parman
Treasurer: Jesse Allen

President : Chris Aable
Vice-President: David Carter
Secretary: Brett Johnson
Treasurer: Jesse Allen

President : Brett Johnson
Vice-President: David Carter
Secretary: Kathie McGavin
Treasurer: Charles Baker

President : Chris Aable
Vice-President: Travis Hood
Secretary: Charles Baker
Treasurer: Tina Siri

President : Omar Sosa
Vice-President: Travis Hood
Secretary: Sarah Carpenter
Treasurer: Jay Jesse

All people are welcomed to subscribe to our award-winning magazine for only $18 per year, or apply for membership and thus receive the magazine free of charge.   

We have attempted to answer all questions on this website, but if you should need more information about the ACC/BHCC, you can contact us by clicking here